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The Power of Speaking Positive Through Affirmations

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

The old cliché’ of “you are what you think” is very true and can be very powerful. Our words can speak life or death because we truly become what we think we are. Positive affirmations can lead to positive thinking which transfers into positive actions leading us to achieve great success. Research has shown that when we speak positive affirmations, it causes the brain to release endorphins which is the “happy” chemical and causes our brain to create positive thought neurons. Affirmations can change negative thoughts, negative speech and ultimately, negative actions. Words aren’t merely words, but words have great power and will cause the universe to respond to what we speak. Make sure that your words are in-line with your vision for your life.

I challenge you to begin speaking positive affirmations on a daily basis. Your future self will THANK YOU!


To get your day started:

  • Today I will embrace endless possibilities

  • I am equipped to handle any obstacle that I may face

  • I will win and failure is not an option

  • Good things are coming to me

  • May faith is greater than my fears

  • I am happy and overflowing with joy

When you feel lonely and sad:

  • I feel the love of those who are not physically around me

  • I take pleasure in my own solitude

  • I am too big a gift to this world to feel self-pity

  • I love and approve of myself

  • I am never alone because God is with me (for those who are spiritual)

  • I have a million reasons to smile and waking up this morning is one of them

When no one supports your dreams:

  • I follow my dreams no matter what

  • I show compassion in helping my others understand my dreams

  • I ask my close friends and family to support my dreams

  • I answer questions about my dreams without getting defensive

  • I have the internal strength to accomplish my dreams

  • I accept everyone as they are and continue on with pursuing my dreams

When you need a boost to your self-esteem:

  • I have high self-esteem as I respect myself

  • I deserve all that is good. I release any need for misery and suffering

  • I release the need to prove myself to anyone as I am my own self and I love it that way

  • I am solution minded. Any problem that comes up in life is solvable

  • I am never alone. The universe supports me and is with me at every step

  • My mind is filled only with loving, healthy, positive and prosperous thoughts which ultimately are converted into my life experiences

  • My mind is full of gratitude for my lovely and wonderful life

  • I love my body and embrace my flaws

  • I am more than enough

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