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Two Powerful Dream Killers


Many of us should be further along in life than what we are but we are always putting off until “tomorrow” and before we know it -days, weeks, months and even years have passed and we are still stuck in the same place. All because we fail to write the vision and get MOVING! We have all faced procrastination at some point struggling with delaying or avoiding tasks. When we set goals for ourselves, we are making plans for our future self that will require preparation and in-depth thought. If we are not careful, it will become very easy for us to delay actions because we can’t see an immediate return on investment of our time, money or energy.

Tips to overcome procrastination

  1. Commit to your own success

  2. Find an accountability partner

  3. Simplify your to do list

  4. Set realistic goals/deadlines

  5. Reward yourself when you accomplish milestones

  6. Reduce distractions

Social Comparison

Social comparison is when we measure our worth or progress against others which can lead to self-sabotage. It’s an emotion that we all possess but must control. We constantly make comparisons in areas such as success, wealth, progress, knowledge and appearance. This type of self sabotaging behavior can be unhealthy towards our self identify causing us to feel less than which will demotivate us from progressing in life. Comparisons can robe of us of valuable time and JOY. Instead of LIVING life, you will resort to merely existing from day to day.

Tips to stop social comparison

  1. Be aware of your own strengths

  2. Be okay with your imperfections; we all have them

  3. Focus on your goals

  4. Be grateful

  5. Learn to compliment yourself

  6. Clearly identify a path for success

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